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CRM integration

Manage product catalog, order processing, and view customer data or use other CRM tools to optimize your sales.

>CRM integration
CRM integration
CRM integration

Briefly about the integration result

  • It becomes possible to update product data on the site, directly from your CRM system account
  • Applications made on the site will be immediately imported into CRM, which will help your managers process them faster
  • The client base from the site is automatically saved in CRM
  • Two-way exchange of application statuses (changed status in the CRM system, also automatically displayed on the site)
  • Bilateral exchange of prices and stock balances between CRM and website

What else?

  • Improving the quality of service
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Building customer loyalty
  • Increasing the average voucher
  • Reduced support costs
CRM integration

Abandoned cart reminder

1. The system can remind the manager that the client has added an item to the cart, but he did not place an order.
2. The system itself can write to the client that he has an uncompleted order.

CRM integration

Improving user experience

Thanks to the integration of CRM with the site, your customers will be able to view the status of orders, the availability of goods in the warehouse and track their parcels.

CRM integration

It also becomes possible:

- Automatic distribution of requests to responsible managers

- If the product is out of stock, an application is automatically made to the supplier

- Tasks for managers are automatically created

- Collection of statistics on defectiveness and returns

- Maintaining complete and pure records

- Prompt processing of leads

- Ability to assess the quality of leads

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